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The New Online Service and the Protection of its Users (Co-hosted by Korean Consumer Law Society & ICR)

Co-hosted by Korean Consumer Law Society & ICR  

The New Online Service and Protecting its Users


◊ Date : Friday Monday, May 20, 2011

◊ Venue : Conference Room #1, Inchon Memorial Hall, Korea University

◊ Time : 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

◊ Programme :


Moderated by

Byung-Joon Lee (Korean Consumer Law Society, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)


13:30  ~  14:00    Registration

14:00  ~  14:20   

Opening Remarks :

Eun-Young Lee (President, Korean Consumer Law Society; Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Jin-Hee Yoo (Professor, Korea University; Director, ICR Center)


14:20  ~  16:00    Session 1 : Presentation and Discussion


Moderated by,

Seung-Won Choi  (Professor, Ewha University)


Topic I : Young-Woo Park (Ph. D, Korea Internet Security Agency)

“Issues Regarding the Privacy Terms and Users of the Online Service”

Discussion Panel : Soon-Mi Lee (Adhesion Contract Examination Division, Fair Trade Commission), Young-Soo Shin (Professor, Kyungpook University)


Topic II : Do-Nyun Kim (Ph. D, Busan University)

 “P2P and User Protection”

Discussion Panel : Kwang-Hyun Ryu (Attorney, BKL), Kyung-Sook Kim(Professor, Sang Myung University)


16:00 ~ 16:20    Coffee Break

16:20 ~18:00    Session 2 : Presentation and Discussion


Moderated by

Hwang Lee (Professor, Korea Univeristy)


Topic III : Seung-Woo Sohn (Professor, Dankuk Universit)

Discussion Panel : Min-Sik Choi (K Internet), Se-il Ko(Professor, Pai Chai University)

 Dae-Sik Hong (Professor, Sogang Law School)


16:00 ~ 18:00    Closing Remark and Dinner

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