Research Papers


Legal Framework of Nuclear Energy Risk Management

July 2, 2011

Legal Framework of Nuclear Energy Risk Management

in collaboration w/ Administrative Law Theory and Practice Society


Topic I : Byung-Ho Moon (Professor, Kangwon University)

            " Legal System of Nuclear Energy in Germany "


Topic II : Hye-Sun Yoon (Researcher, Center for Law&Pulic Utilites,   Seoul National University)

             " Legal System of Nuclear Energy in France "


Topic III : Tae-Ho Kim (Judical Clerk, Supreme Court)

             " Legal Review on Nuclear Power Plant Security Guarantee System "


Topic IV : Chun-Hoon Ham (Research Professor, Seoul National University)


Technological Neutrality and Market Innovation Seminar

Jun 27, 2011

Technological Neutrality and Market Innovation:

How to Improve Security on the Financial Networks, in collabraiton w/ National Assembly Member Lee, Sung Hun & The National Assembly Reasearch Service


 Topic I : Se-Hyun Kim (Professor, KAIST System Engineering)

" History and Current Status of Financial Security "


Topic II : Kung-Ho Lee (President, Secubase)

"Current Status and Probelms of Financial Security and its Related Industries"


Topic III : Seung-Joo Kim (Professor, Korea University Center for Information Security Technologies)

"Resolutions and Policy Proposals of the Recent Financial Security Issues"


 General Discussion


1st ICR Law Center_Case Study Seminar

June 24, 2011

Case Study Seminar- Hynix v. Rambus


Topic : Kyung-Hyun Min

(Head of Patent Team, Hynix Semiconductor ; US Attorney at Law)

"Progress and Implications of the Patent Dispute between Hynix and Rambus"


IPR Licensing Regulation Series 4th seminar

June 10, 2011

Comparison of IPR Licensing Guidelines in an International Context


Topic I : Kerin Coughlin (Attorney, Constantine Cannon)

" U.S. Competition Guidelines for Intellectual Property Licensing Overview and Comparison with Korean Guidelines "


Topic II : Meng Yanbei (Professor, Renmin University of China Law School)

“Regulating and Limiting the Regulation: Research on IP Licensing from China’s Antimonopoly Law – Concurrent discussion over formulation of China’s Guidelines for Anti-monopoly Enforcement in the Field of Intellectual Property Rights”


Topic III : Hyun-Ah Kim (Attorney, Shin & Kim)

“Overview and Improvements of the Guidelines for the Abuse of Intellectual  Property Rights in Korea ”


Topic IV : Hwan-Sung Park (Attorney, Lee & Ko)

“Comparative Study on the Government’s IPR Licensing Guidelines”


Topic V : Sang-Sop Roh (Market Sruveillance Department, FTC)

“Current Enforcement and Prospects of the FTC’s IPR Guideline”


Open Diccussion


Online Services and User Protection Seminar

May 20,  2011

Online Services and User Protection

in collaboration w/ The Consumer Law Society


Topic I : Yong-Woo Park (Ph.d, Korea Internet Security Agency)

" Issues Regarding the Privacy Terms and Users of the Online Service "


Topic II : Do-Nyun Kim (Ph.D, Busan University)

" P2P and User Proection "


IPR Licensing Regulation Series 3rd seminar

May 2, 2011

IPR Licensing in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Topic I : Markus Meier (Assistant Director, U.S. Federal Trade Commission)

“U.S. Federal Trade Commission Briefing on Pharmaceutical ‘Pay-for-Delay’ Settlements”


Topic II : Jae-Hyun Nam (Professor, Korea University Department of Economics)

“The Economic Analysis of the Compromise Contract with Regards to Patent Disputes”


Topic III : Maki Kunimatsu (Professor, Chuo University Graduate School of Commerce(Japan))

“Pharmaceutical Industry, IPR Licensing and Antitrust Regulations in Japan”


Topic IV : Joon-Ha Kim (Audit & Inspection Officer of Manufacturing Industry, Fair Trade Commission)

“The FTC’s Enforcement of Law with Regards to IPR Licensing in the  Pharmaceutical Industry”


Topic V : Seok-Joon Lee (Attorney at Law, Yulchon)

“The Anti-trust Regulation on the Reverse Payment Agreement”


IPR Licensing Regulation Series 2nd seminar

April 8, 2011

IPR Licensing in the IT Industry in collaboration w/ the Social Science Korea-

Law & Economics Research Team at Korea Univ.


Topic I : Alden Abbot (Deputy Director, US Federal Trade Commission)

“Standard Setting Enforcement Under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act”


Topic II : Kook-Hyun Kwon (Attorney at Law, Kim & Chang)

“The Validity and Criteria of Applying Anti-trust Law to Deceptive Acts of ‘Organization for Standardization’ in the Process of Standardization "


Topic III : Anne Layne (Vice President, Compass LexEcon)

“Making Sense of FRAND Commitments: Theory and EC Application”


Topic IV : Yeon-Duk Jeong (Professor, Kunkook University Law School)

“Issues on Organization for Standardization and Patent Pool”


Topic V : Seung-Kyu Lee (Deputy Director, Free Trade Commission)

“Korean Anti-trust Law and FRAND”


IPR Licensing Regulation Series 1st seminar

March 8, 2011

IPR Licensing in the Software Industry, in collaboration w/ the Sejong Intellectual Property Research Center at Choongnam Univ.


Topic I : Sang-Jo Chung (Professor, Seoul National University; Director, Technology and Law Center)

             “The Role and Tasks of Antitrust Law in Today's Internet Enviornment"


Topic II : Tae-Hun Choi (Deputy Head, Strategic Planning of Intellectual Property Team, Prime Minister's Office)

             “The Basic Strategy of Korea's Intellectual Property and the Regulation of Intellectual Property Rights”


Topic III : Jae-Pil Choi (Proferssor, Michigan State Univ.)

               “Compulsory Licensing as an Antitrust Remedy" 


Topic IV : Seung-Woo Son (Professor, Dankook University)

                “The Relation between Licensing Intellectual Rights and  Regulating Monopolistic Activities Drawn from the IBM Case”


 Topic V : Chul-Nam Lee (Professor, Chung Nam University)

                “The Competition between Open-source Software and   Intellectual Property Rights”


IPR Licensing Regulation Series - Prologue

Feb. 11. 2011

Reglulations over Intellectual Property Rights Licensing Seminar Series

( the "IPR Licensing Regulation Series)


- Prologue & New Scholar's Forum -

 Topic I : Sohn, Ho-Jin (Adjunct Professor, Han Kyung University )

 "Legal Regulation on the Unfair Use of Intellectual Property Rights Presenter" 

 Topic II : Lee, Sang-Joo (Attorney/Junior Managing Director, Samsung Electronics)

               " Regulation on the Anti-competitive Practices of Patent Trolls "

 Topic III : Shim, Mi-Rang (Lecturer, Korea University)

        " A New Criteria for Granting Injunctive Relief on Patent Infringements " 

Nov. 2010.

Judicial Review of Competition Law Cases in Korea,

 & in the UNCTAD Research Partmership Platform


Participation in U.N. The Set Meeting

Nov. 2010.

Judicial Review of Competition Law Cases in Korea,

 & in the UNCTAD Research Partmership Platform


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