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Research Papers


July 2, 2011

Legal Framework of Nuclear Energy Risk Management

in collaboration w/ Administrative Law Theory and Practice Society


Topic I : Byung-Ho Moon (Professor, Kangwon University)

            " Legal System of Nuclear Energy in Germany "


Topic II : Hye-Sun Yoon (Researcher, Center for Law&Pulic Utilites,   Seoul National University)

             " Legal System of Nuclear Energy in France "


Topic III : Tae-Ho Kim (Judical Clerk, Supreme Court)

             " Legal Review on Nuclear Power Plant Security Guarantee System "


Topic IV : Chun-Hoon Ham (Research Professor, Seoul National University)


Jun 27, 2011

Technological Neutrality and Market Innovation:

How to Improve Security on the Financial Networks, in collabraiton w/ National Assembly Member Lee, Sung Hun & The National Assembly Reasearch Service


 Topic I : Se-Hyun Kim (Professor, KAIST System Engineering)

" History and Current Status of Financial Security "


Topic II : Kung-Ho Lee (President, Secubase)

"Current Status and Probelms of Financial Security and its Related Industries"


Topic III : Seung-Joo Kim (Professor, Korea University Center for Information Security Technologies)

"Resolutions and Policy Proposals of the Recent Financial Security Issues"


 General Discussion


June 24, 2011

Case Study Seminar- Hynix v. Rambus


Topic : Kyung-Hyun Min

(Head of Patent Team, Hynix Semiconductor ; US Attorney at Law)

"Progress and Implications of the Patent Dispute between Hynix and Rambus"


June 10, 2011

Comparison of IPR Licensing Guidelines in an International Context


Topic I : Kerin Coughlin (Attorney, Constantine Cannon)

" U.S. Competition Guidelines for Intellectual Property Licensing Overview and Comparison with Korean Guidelines "


Topic II : Meng Yanbei (Professor, Renmin University of China Law School)

“Regulating and Limiting the Regulation: Research on IP Licensing from China’s Antimonopoly Law – Concurrent discussion over formulation of China’s Guidelines for Anti-monopoly Enforcement in the Field of Intellectual Property Rights”


Topic III : Hyun-Ah Kim (Attorney, Shin & Kim)

“Overview and Improvements of the Guidelines for the Abuse of Intellectual  Property Rights in Korea ”


Topic IV : Hwan-Sung Park (Attorney, Lee & Ko)

“Comparative Study on the Government’s IPR Licensing Guidelines”


Topic V : Sang-Sop Roh (Market Sruveillance Department, FTC)

“Current Enforcement and Prospects of the FTC’s IPR Guideline”


Open Diccussion


May 20,  2011

Online Services and User Protection

in collaboration w/ The Consumer Law Society


Topic I : Yong-Woo Park (Ph.d, Korea Internet Security Agency)

" Issues Regarding the Privacy Terms and Users of the Online Service "


Topic II : Do-Nyun Kim (Ph.D, Busan University)

" P2P and User Proection "


May 2, 2011

IPR Licensing in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Topic I : Markus Meier (Assistant Director, U.S. Federal Trade Commission)

“U.S. Federal Trade Commission Briefing on Pharmaceutical ‘Pay-for-Delay’ Settlements”


Topic II : Jae-Hyun Nam (Professor, Korea University Department of Economics)

“The Economic Analysis of the Compromise Contract with Regards to Patent Disputes”


Topic III : Maki Kunimatsu (Professor, Chuo University Graduate School of Commerce(Japan))

“Pharmaceutical Industry, IPR Licensing and Antitrust Regulations in Japan”


Topic IV : Joon-Ha Kim (Audit & Inspection Officer of Manufacturing Industry, Fair Trade Commission)

“The FTC’s Enforcement of Law with Regards to IPR Licensing in the  Pharmaceutical Industry”


Topic V : Seok-Joon Lee (Attorney at Law, Yulchon)

“The Anti-trust Regulation on the Reverse Payment Agreement”


April 8, 2011

IPR Licensing in the IT Industry in collaboration w/ the Social Science Korea-

Law & Economics Research Team at Korea Univ.


Topic I : Alden Abbot (Deputy Director, US Federal Trade Commission)

“Standard Setting Enforcement Under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act”


Topic II : Kook-Hyun Kwon (Attorney at Law, Kim & Chang)

“The Validity and Criteria of Applying Anti-trust Law to Deceptive Acts of ‘Organization for Standardization’ in the Process of Standardization "


Topic III : Anne Layne (Vice President, Compass LexEcon)

“Making Sense of FRAND Commitments: Theory and EC Application”


Topic IV : Yeon-Duk Jeong (Professor, Kunkook University Law School)

“Issues on Organization for Standardization and Patent Pool”


Topic V : Seung-Kyu Lee (Deputy Director, Free Trade Commission)

“Korean Anti-trust Law and FRAND”


March 8, 2011

IPR Licensing in the Software Industry, in collaboration w/ the Sejong Intellectual Property Research Center at Choongnam Univ.


Topic I : Sang-Jo Chung (Professor, Seoul National University; Director, Technology and Law Center)

             “The Role and Tasks of Antitrust Law in Today's Internet Enviornment"


Topic II : Tae-Hun Choi (Deputy Head, Strategic Planning of Intellectual Property Team, Prime Minister's Office)

             “The Basic Strategy of Korea's Intellectual Property and the Regulation of Intellectual Property Rights”


Topic III : Jae-Pil Choi (Proferssor, Michigan State Univ.)

               “Compulsory Licensing as an Antitrust Remedy" 


Topic IV : Seung-Woo Son (Professor, Dankook University)

                “The Relation between Licensing Intellectual Rights and  Regulating Monopolistic Activities Drawn from the IBM Case”


 Topic V : Chul-Nam Lee (Professor, Chung Nam University)

                “The Competition between Open-source Software and   Intellectual Property Rights”


Feb. 11. 2011

Reglulations over Intellectual Property Rights Licensing Seminar Series

( the "IPR Licensing Regulation Series)


- Prologue & New Scholar's Forum -

 Topic I : Sohn, Ho-Jin (Adjunct Professor, Han Kyung University )

 "Legal Regulation on the Unfair Use of Intellectual Property Rights Presenter" 

 Topic II : Lee, Sang-Joo (Attorney/Junior Managing Director, Samsung Electronics)

               " Regulation on the Anti-competitive Practices of Patent Trolls "

 Topic III : Shim, Mi-Rang (Lecturer, Korea University)

        " A New Criteria for Granting Injunctive Relief on Patent Infringements " 

Nov. 2010.

Judicial Review of Competition Law Cases in Korea,

 & in the UNCTAD Research Partmership Platform


Nov. 2010.

Judicial Review of Competition Law Cases in Korea,

 & in the UNCTAD Research Partmership Platform


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