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[Webinar] US Policy Direction for Platform Regulation: Reponses to Concerns of GAFA monopolies and the Future of US Antitrust Law

Korea University’s Innovation, Competition and Regulation Law Center (ICR Law Center) held a webinar on 10th September 2020, covering the current expected regulatory trends in the US. 


The US is currently examining its stance on large scale platforms and tech companies and weighing its antitrust policies. In order to understand the future of platform regulation in the US and its implications for Korea's competition law and policy, we invited panelists with US antitrust enforcement experience, as well as professionals with academic and legal experience in US antitrust law and discussed the current expected regulatory trends in the US and ways (or needs) to adapt the tools of competition policy to the newly raised challenges.


  • Date: Thursday, September 10th, 4:00-5:00pm, via Zoom

  • Host: Professor Hwang Lee (Korea University Law School, Director of ICR Law Center)

  • Panel: Richard Shin (Lee & Ko CECG Head of Department, Former US DOJ and FTC Economist); Professor Yong Im (Seoul National University, Economic Law); Yong Sang Kim (Yulchon LLC, Head of International Dispute Resolution Team)

The proceedings are available here (Dr Shin; Prof ImDr Kim; Dr Shin 2)and the recording of this webinar is available at If you have any questions on inquiries on the webinar, please contact ICR Center at Thank you for your interest in our webinar series.

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