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The 6th Paper Contest and the Academic Conference:
Digital Economy and Law

On Octerber 1st, 2021, the "Digital Economy and Law" thesis management contest and academic conference hosted by the Student Council of the College of Free Studies of Korea University and sponsored by the ICR Law Center was held online.

The event dealt with a variety of vivid legal issues, ranging from competition law and e-commerce law to labor law and tax law, in relation to the digital platforms, which have recently been of great interest. Young participants held lively presentations and discussions resulted from their realistic research conducted with awareness and an academic point of view that went beyond the undergraduate level.

Date: October 1st, 2021 (Friday) 17:00-19:30 Korean Time (UTC+9)


The event had held in 2 parts that cover different topics. Please refer to the attached file for detailed information (in Korean).

Thank you for your interest.

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