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[Announcement] ICR Center's Fourth Paper Contest for Graduate / Undergraduate Students

The ICR Center successfully held the 4th Paper Contest for Graduate/Undergraduate Students. Many applicants have shown their eager interest toward innovation, competition, and regulation-related issues through their participation.


ICR Center Research fellows as well as lawyers from some law firms in Korea, all the experts in their own field of law, have selected 6 top-notch theses statements.


Congratulations to the prize recipients, and we look forward to seeing more participations for upcoming paper contests!


Grand-prize:  not awarded


Excellence-prize: SUNG Dong Yun (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

SEO Hyun Min (Seoul National Univ. Law School) & HYUN Woo Hyun (Sungkyunkwan Univ. Law School)



PARK Sung Min & SON Young Hyun (Kyung-hee Univ. Law School)

CHOI Sang Jin (Seoul National Univ. Law School)

LEE Bo Hyung (Seoul National Univ. Law School)

LEE Sang Wook & LEE Yun Su (Korea Univ.)

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