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[Lecture]Columbia Law School Ginsburg Lecture

Korea University School of Law and the ICR Law Center hosts a lecture on US Copyright Law by Professor Jane Ginsburg of Columbia University Law School.


Professor Ginsburg is a world renowned researcher in the field of Copyright Law and Intellectual Property Rights. She and her mother, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, are visiting Korea on the invitation of the Supreme Court of Korea and the U.S. Embassy. The ICR Law Center has been able to arrange this lecture with the cooperation of those two institutions and Columbia University Law School.


At this lecture, Professor Ginsburg will discuss recent trends and forecasts of Copyright issues that are growing more significant due to the internet and globalization.

She will be focusing on copyright infringement and fair use in relation to photography and pictures, a controversial issue in Korea.

We are hoping academics, practitioners and students will have a chance to frankly discuss these issues with Professor Ginsburg.

We have arranged a simple teatime after the lecture so that the audience will have a chance to personally meet and network with Professor Ginsburg and representatives from the U.S. Embassy.


We hope you will be interested in attending.


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