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[Seminar] Background of Naver-Daum Consent Resolution Policy and its Prospect

The ICR Center is aiming to place its research focus on “Seeking Development Trends of the Free Trade Commission’s Procedures” for the year of 2014 and is planning to plan/carry out a series of seminars on the basis of this chosen topic.


The FTC, being a quasi-judicial organization responsible for fair trade policies, has verified the validity of the committee’s decisions and has pursued continuous improvements in its systems to improve fairness in the process of handling incidents.


To ensure the defendent's rights to defense, improvements to incident-handling have been made. To promote the effectiveness of enforcing newly introduced legislations, a consent resolve system was introduced and is being carried out at the moment. Apart from such matters, litigation provision processes were strengthened to vitalize civil enforcement. In addition, class action systems and implementations of new institutions are being considered.


The ICR Center is participating in the FTC’s efforts to improve its procedures. The ICR center is aiming to come up with a more suitable direction of development by providing resources for various policy-makers, scholars, and businessmen for them to work together in this joint project.


The first topic of the seminar series was chosen to be about a current issue on Internet portal sites: consent resolve policies.


Grand Topic: Seeking FTC’s Processes in its Direction of Development


1st Seminar Topic: Naver – Daum Consent Resolve Policy Background Material and Prospect

  • Time: 02/21/14 (Fri) 14:00 – 18:00

  • Location: The Korea Chamber of Commerce middle conference room A

  • Program


Emcee: Son In Ok adviser (Yoon & Yang LLC, former FTC Vice-Chairman)


Topic presentation 1: “Consent Resolve Policies’ Present Condition and Prospect – Based on Internet Consent Resolve Case”

Presenter: Kwon Chul Hyeon (FTC service industry auditing department)


Topic presentation 2: “Requirements for Consent Resolve Policies’ Decision on Commencement”

Presenter: Kwon Kook Hyun (Kim & Chang)


Topic presentation 3: “The Consent Agreements and Search Neutrality Among Internet Portals”

Presenter: Kwak Joo Won research worker (Korea Association for Telecommunications Policies)

Discussion 1: Choi Nan Sul Hun research professor (Yonsei University School of Law)

Discussion 2: Park Jong Soon (Daum Communications Legal Team Chief)

Discussion 3: Lee Jung Min (Korea Internet Contents Union Chairman)


Inquiries regarding the seminar can be made to the ICR Center executive office through the number 02-3290-2914.



Attach:  022114+동의의결안+세미나+초청장v3.pdf


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