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[Seminar] ICR Center-Korean Competition Law Association-SNU Center for Competition Law holds a Seminar.

The ICR Center is holding an academic seminar with the Korean Competition Law Association and the SNU Center for Competition Law regarding "International Trend on Private Enforcement of Competition Law and Korea's Developmental Direction."


Time and Date: Nov 1(Fri), 14:00-18:00


Venue: Korea University CJ Law Building Veritas Hall


Sponsor: Korea University ICR Center - Korean Competition Law Association - SNU Center for Competition Law




13:30~14:00 Registration and Greetings


14:00~14:10 Opening Remark

  • Ryu Jin Hee(Director of ICR Center, President of Korean Competition Law Association)Lee Bong Eui(President of SNU Center for Competition Law)


14:10~15:40 Presentation

  • International Trend on Private Enforcement of Competition Law

  • Moderator: Shin Hyun Yoon ( Prfessor, Yonsei Law School)

  • Presentation I: U.S. - Allen P.Grunes(Attorney, Geyer Gorey LLP. DC office)

  • Presentation II: Europe-Loannis Lianos( Professor, University College of London)

  • Presentation III: China- Yang Dong(Professor, Renmin University)


15:40~16:00 Coffee Break


16:00~17:00 Presentation

  • Developmental Direction on Private Enforcement of Competition Law in Korea

  • Moderator: Lee Dong Kyu(Attorney, Kim&Chang)

  • Presentation I: Outline of Korea's Private Enforcement of Competition Law and its Developmental DirectionLee Sun Hee(Professor, Sungkyunkwan University Law School)

  • Presentation II: Korea's Private Enforcement CasesSeo Jeong(Attorney, Kim&Chang)


17:00~18:00 Panel Discussions & Free Discussion

  • Discussion I: Park Hae Sik(Attorney, Yulchon Attorneys at Law)

  • Discussion II: Kim Cha Dong(Professor, Hanyang Law School)

  • Free Discussion


Please check attached invitation for further information.Feel free to contact us at 02-3290-2915

Thank you.


Attach:  공동세미나+초청장+v4.pdf


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