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ICR Center's First Paper Contest for Graduate/Undergraduate Students

The ICR Center is holding it's first nationwide paper contest for graduate/undergraduqte students in order to stimulate students' creative research capabilities, and to help them actively seek out ways in which law contributes to development of societies and economies.

The subject of the paper may be of the participant's choosing but must be related to the core values under which the ICR Center is established. This means the topic must be affiliated with the legal system and have a theoretical undertone. More specifically, the topics should be based on research related to competition law, policies, broadcasting and telecommunications law, and intellectual property law. Participants should submit the paper based on a chosen topic by September 30th, 2013.

First prize recipient of the contest will be rewarded a certificate from the President of Korea University along with a prize money of 3,000,000 won. The second place participant will be rewarded a certificate from the Dean of Korea University Law School along with a prize money of 2,000,000 won, and the third place participant will be awarded a certificate from Korea University's ICR Center with a prize money of 1,000,000 won.The winning contestant will also have the privilege of having his or her paper included in the ICR Center's published research paper. In addition, awardees will be given the opportunity to present his or her paper at the schoar academic conference held by the ICR Center.

Awardees who are enrolled inlaw schools can have the ICR Center issue a recommendation that mentions the individual's success in the nationwide competition. This recommendation can then be added to an intership application to an ICR Center sponsor law firm.

Along with Kim&Chang, a total of six large law firms will be involved in having attorneys take part in examining the papers. We believe that this will provide a very unique opportunity for law school students who have not been able to approach big law firms as of yet and for them to maximize their exposure to the law practicing community.

We wish for many students to take part in this competition


  • Qualifications for participation: Undergraduate university student (any major), graduate student (masters, doctoral program), law school student. Possible in either solo research or joint research (2 people max)


  • Schedule: application deadline- 2013.9.30


  • Participants must hand in an entry manuscript (file) and a resume (contact information included) via email ( by the application deadline.


  • Results announced: ~ middle of October, 2013


  • Award ceremony and presentation of awarded papers – 2013.10.26


  • Inquiry: ICR Center offices (02-3290-2915)


  • Sponsors: Kim & Chang, Lee & Ko (Kwang Jang), Shin & Kim (Se Jong), Yulchon, Bae, Kim & Lee (Tae Pyeong Yang), Yoon & Yang (Hwa Woo)


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