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[Webinar] EU Policy Direction for the Platform Industry: New Competition Tool and Digital Services Act

Korea University’s Innovation, Competition and Regulation Law Center (ICR Law Center) held a webinar on 30th, July, 2020, covering the expected regulations in the EU, the New Competition Tool and Digital Services Act, and their implications for Korea's competition law and policy.


After a brief overview of the EU’s approach, our special guest Ms. Zsuzsa Cserhalmi from the DG Competition, the Commission, introduced the policy direction and answer questions. Then Korea’s panel of experts discussed the EU’s ex-ante and ex post regulatory initiatives for platforms and their implications for Korea's competition law and digital policy.


  • Date: Thursday, July 30th, 4:00-5:30pm

  • Host: Professor Hwang Lee (Korea University Law School, Director of ICR Law Center)

  • Introduction to EU Policy Direction: Sangyun Lee (Senior Researcher for the ICR Center)

  • Panel: Ms. Zsuzsa Cserhalmi (DG COMP Unit C6, European Commission); Professor Yo Sop Choi (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies); Ms. Kyoung Yeon Kim (Kim & Chang); Professor Chongmin Kim (Kookmin University, Economics)


The recording of this webinar is available at


The next webinar is expected to be held at the end of August, discussing US policy direction. If you have any questions or inquiries on the webinar, please contact ICR Center at Thank you for your interest in our webinar series.

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